Friday, May 20, 2022

Woman in wheelchair run over by bus in Brazil

A bus from the Transcol system ran over a wheelchair user in Bela Aurora, in Cariacica, in Grande Vitória. The accident that took place some weeks ago (January 31) was caught on video.

The images show that the wheelchair user was on the asphalt, near the sidewalk, when the bus approached. She went more to the corner, closer to the sidewalk.

The bus braked and practically stopped behind her, but then the driver pulled out and dragged the wheelchair away, pinning the woman between the wheels of the bus and the curb.

The wheelchair user was rescued and is hospitalized.

The Companhia Estadual de Transportes Coletivos de Passageiros do Espírito Santo (Ceturb-ES) said it regretted what had happened and that it will notify the operating consortium to investigate the facts and inform what measures have been taken.

WATCH: (Warning: Graphic Content)