Tuesday, May 24, 2022

WOW! Is the ‘King of Pop’ alive? Michael Jackson impersonator goes viral for striking resemblance to his idol

A Michael Jackson impersonator has gone viral after he became known for his striking resemblance to the late “King of Pop”.

The man goes by the name Fabio Jackson and is originally from the United Kingdom. Since he took to the social network TikTok, he has accumulated millions of views and comments where many users claim that he is the real Michael Jackson.

Although Jackson passed away at his home in Los Angeles on June 25, 2009, many fans still do not believe that the pop star is dead and claim that Fabio Jackson is proof of it.

Michael Jackson impersonator Fabio Jackson

In addition to the moves he makes in his videos, Fabio surprised Internet users by his enormous physical resemblance.

“My God, is that you MJ?” said one user, while another questioned, “Is the King of Pop alive?” Another was convinced and said, “I knew you were alive.”

Despite the incredible resemblance, Fabio acknowledges that it has not been easy for people to accept that he is an impersonator as he has suffered harassment. Many people tell him that he had surgeries to look like Jacko.