Wednesday, May 25, 2022

A private jet was detained in Britain to check its ties with Russia

The Ministry of Transport of Great Britain detained a private plane at London’s Luton airport to check its possible ties with Russia, the agency’s head Grant Shapps said.

“This morning I have held a private jet at Luton until I am satisfied that letting it fly would not be in breach of our Russia sanctions. Important to note that no Russian-linked aircraft is permitted to fly in the UK and that this is being vigorously enforced.,” the minister wrote on Twitter.

On March 9, Britain made it a criminal offense for any Russian aircraft to appear in its airspace and allowed those planes to be detained.

Earlier, Britain had banned Russian planes, including private ones, from flying into the country in connection with the Russian military special operation in Ukraine. Russia responded by restricting the use of its airspace for aircraft associated with or registered in Great Britain, including transit flights.