Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Americans ‘horrified’ by Biden’s latest anti-Russian sanctions: “Shut up, Joe!”

American readers of the Daily Mail reacted to reports of new sanctions that US President Joe Biden imposed on Moscow.

The day before, he said that, in addition to oil, gas, and coal, the United States will also refuse to import Russian alcohol, diamonds, and seafood because of the events in Ukraine. Biden also confirmed the dispatch of 12 thousand American soldiers to the borders with Russia – to Latvia, Estonia, Romania.

However, according to commentators, the actions of the American leader do not benefit his own citizens.

“Biden needs to stop threatening people. It doesn’t work,” said a user with the nickname Conservative NY.

“The Bidens are going to drag us into a full-scale war. His buddies and his son are counting on it. War is big money for some in the U.S., Biden just needs to sit back, do nothing and let things fall into place,” Mrs. Marshal Dillon is convinced.

“Somehow we pay harsh prices at the gas station,” X22 Report notes.

“Biden forgot to ban brown bears and balalaika,” PandyAndy sarcastically remarked.

“God forbid he sternly warns everyone and refuses Russian vodka. Putin must be terrified,” backed Jussmytwocents.

“Donald Trump is gone for one year, and this guy has put us on the threshold of World War III,” Swiftwithwind indignantly exclaimed.

“Shut up, Joe. Putin is not afraid of your bluster,” stated Don.

“Thank you, Mr. President, for addressing this situation. Your sanctions are definitely working. Here in California, I just filled my gas tank for $93. A few weeks ago it only cost me $44,” complained amcbhc.