Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Walgreens looting turns into a banana fight in San Francisco

It is not uncommon to find people shoplifting in broad daylight in retail stores in the San Francisco area of the United States.

However, an incident that took place a few days ago at a Walgreens in the Richmond, SF district was quite curious, to say the least.

In a video of the incident, two employees of the Walgreens store chain can be seen behind the counter, trying to call for help as they watch a hooded man start grabbing different products and stuffing them into a large bag.

The incident is far from “bizarre.” But moments later, the criminal turns violent and punches a man who appeared to be recording him with his cell phone.

After receiving the blow, the customer tries to calm the situation but the assailant grabs a banana from the counter and throws it in his face. The outraged customer then decides to do the same thing and throws another banana at him from some feet away.

Moments later, the looter leaves the store.

The footage was recorded by professional photographer Nicholas Stennet, who shared the content with ABC 7 News.