Wednesday, May 25, 2022

WATCH: Ukrainian photographer now shares TikTok videos showing how life is under the bunker

Valeria Shashenok’s TikTok account used to portray the life of a travel photographer.

Now, most of her TikToks are recorded in an underground bunker in Chernihiv, a war-torn city in northern Ukraine.

Shashenok, 20, spends nearly 24 hours a day sheltering from the Russian invasion. Most of her friends have fled the country, but she and her mother, father, and dog Tory stayed.

Her TikTok account is a public diary where she shares the destruction of her city and makes sardonic jokes about taking her revenge on Russian leadership. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine last month, Shashenok’s videos have been viewed millions of times and her TikTok following has grown to 674,500.

Her hatred for Vladimir Putin is a running theme in her videos, where she imagines his face on a punching bag in the bunker and pretends her mother’s borscht is seasoned with the Russian president’s blood.

“I wanted them to know that one man, one Russian man, president, stupid man, destroyed my native country,” she told The Cut.


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