Friday, May 20, 2022

ALMOST ON THEIR KNEES: Faithful women can’t bear the weight of Virgin Mary float (VIDEO)

A video circulating in social media shows the moment in which a group of faithful loaders can no longer move forward because of the weight of the float.

The moment was captured on a video that shows how a group of faithful Catholics can no longer support the weight of the float of the Virgin of Dolores (in English, ‘Lady of Sorrows’) and is about to drop it.

The images reveal that the women advance with their knees bent under the weight and try to lift the platform, but again it falls on their shoulders.

According to Internet users, the incident may have occurred because the loaders were not ordered from smallest to largest, which did not allow the correct distribution.

One of the last faithful to advance in the procession calls another person to help her carry since she can no longer bear the weight, while several participants in the procession contribute.

Finally, the devotees manage to continue the march so that the procession continues its route and a change of turns is made at the end of the block.

These images were captured on Holy Tuesday, April 12, during the procession of Jesus Nazareno de la Indulgencia and the Santísima Virgen de Dolores del Beatario de Belén in Guatemala