Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Knife-wielding woman tased at Walmart

NY POST –– Shocking video shows the moment a Florida deputy tased an allegedly meth-addled woman who threatened customers and staff with a knife inside a Walmart.

Marion County Deputy Christopher Witte is heard in the bodycam video ordering the woman multiple times to drop the knife during the recent dramatic confrontation inside the Summerfield store, WWSB reported.

The woman, identified as Brandy McGowan, was threatening people with a knife and a brick, store managers reportedly told authorities.

Witte and his partner, Detective Pamela Thomas, located the suspect in the clothing department, where she brandished a pocket knife and spoke incoherently, the news outlet reported.

With his handgun drawn, Witte repeatedly instructed McGowan to drop the knife, but she ignored him for several moments before he finally switched to his Taser and deployed it.

The shock caused her to fall backward as the two officers rushed to cuff her behind her back.