Tuesday, May 24, 2022

New footage shows Baldwin talking to officers after accidental shooting

The sheriff’s office in Santa Fe County, New Mexico, on Monday released material related to the investigation into the accidental shooting that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during the filming of “Rust” in October 2021.

Sheriff Adan Mendoza says the large pile of documents includes crime scene photos, witness interviews, and dashcam footage, among other things. Other material relating to other parts of the investigation, such as ballistics and fingerprint analysis, evidence found on Baldwin’s cell phone, etc. remain under seal.

A video released on Monday shows the famous Hollywood actor and producer Alec Baldwin on the set of the western “Rust” outside Santa Fe. Officers rush to the scene and approach Baldwin after the accidental shooting that ultimately kills cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injures director Joel Souza.

“Are you doing OK?” the agent asks the actor.

“No I’m not, actually,” Baldwin replies.

The agent explains to Baldwin that he will have to accompany them to the sheriff’s office to answer some questions. Baldwin asks to be allowed to change his clothes before leaving with the deputies. However, the deputy replies that he must first call a forensic technician before being granted permission.

Another video shows the wounded director Souza on a hospital bed, telling the officers everything that had happened. Apparently, the bullet that killed Hutchins went through her body and ended up hitting Souza’s body as well.

“I heard a very loud bang and it felt like someone kicked me in the shoulder, and then I was down on my a-. And then I looked over and I saw the cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, with blood coming out of her back,” says Souza.

One of the agents then asks Souza who provided Baldwin with the gun, to which Souza replies, “I remember the armorer handed the actor a gun. I don’t know if she said it was cold or clean… but she handed him the gun and then there was a bang. It was a louder bang than I’ve heard come from a blank before.”

“Rust” armorer minutes after fatal shooting. According to director Souza, she was the one who provided Baldwin with the gun

EMT bodycam shows the victim, Halyna Hutchins, being treated

Also included in the trove of never-before-seen material released by the sheriff’s office is the video recording of the interview with Alec Baldwin following the incident on the set of “Rust.” At the sheriff’s office, Baldwin comments that any time an actor is given a gun during a movie shoot it should be assumed to be a cold gun.

Alec Baldwin asks deputy about Halyna Hutchins’ state

“I take the gun out and as it clears, the barrel clears the holster. I turn and cock the gun. The gun goes off,” said Baldwin. “It should have been a cold gun with no rounds inside or dummy rounds, cosmetic rounds. No flash. I take the gun out … bang. She hits the ground. She goes down.”

Baldwin’s interview with police after the shooting

Another video shows officers entering the church chapel where the accident occurred. The video lasts approximately 15 minutes. In it, a deputy is talking to a movie crew member who shows the deputies a video recording taken by a camera inside the church.

Other videos released by the sheriff’s office include the formal questioning of Baldwin by investigators. In the coming days, as the media sifts through all of this now-public footage, we will learn more details about this life-ending misadventure.

Last week, the New Mexico Environmental Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Bureau released the results of its investigation. According to the report, the “Rust” production crew was aware that firearms safety procedures were not being followed on the set and showed total disregard for employee safety.

The production company was issued a $136,793 Willful-Serious citation, the maximum fine allowed in the state of New Mexico.

Source: 6KTAL