Friday, May 20, 2022

VIDEO: FL woman arrested following racist rant at Walgreens

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Police body camera were rolling, as were cell phones, when a woman was taken into custody following a racist rant inside a South Florida Walgreens.

Fort Lauderdale police officers were called to the Walgreens located on Southeast 17th Street following a very heated confrontation between customers.

The woman seen on cell phone video and body camera footage going on the racist rant is Luba Bozanich.

Last month, Nahla Ebaid, her husband and a group of friends were in town for spring break.

They were checking out at the Walgreens when Bozanich walked in without a mask. An employee asked her to put one on, and that’s when Ebaid said Bozanich started yelling and ranting about Muslims.

Ebaid pulled out her phone and started recording after that.

“She looked at us and she said, ‘I wish I was from your country, so I don’t have to wear the mask,’” Ebaid said. “So, we said, ‘Which country is that? We’re from New York.’”

Bozanich later said that she felt she had been provoked by the couple.

“When this guy said what he said to me, I said what I said to him and I got angry,” Bozanich said. “I did what I did. I apologized and I’d like to move on.”


Source: Local10