Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Calvin Klein releases ad campaign starring pregnant trans man on Mother’s Day

REBEL NEWS – This year, allegedly in celebration of Mother’s Day, clothing and lingerie brand Calvin Klein launched an ad campaign featuring Roberto Bete, a pregnant trans man, and their partner, Erica Feeha, a transgender woman.

Calvin Klein’s Instagram post which launched the campaign paid “tribute” to mothers and women everywhere by including a diverse carousel of images portraying the different aspects of motherhood.

The Instagram post includes an unscientific quote from Roberto stating “we can reproduce biologically or from the heart…our role in the world is to love and be loved.” Yikes.

Apparently, the campaign was received well on Instagram, garnering more than 30,000 likes and over 1,800 comments.

However, there has also been some backlash on Twitter:

On May 11, after 12 hours of labor, Roberto gave birth to a baby boy named Noah and took to Instagram to thank their wife for giving them the “greatest gift anyone could ever receive, a son.”