This is a list of our daily videos obtained from different sources throughout the internet. We will upload 4-5 videos each day, so this page will be constantly updated. This is the list as of February 12, 2022:

Charlotte rapper DaBaby punches his ex’s brother at L.A. bowling alley

Charlotte rapper DaBaby and his entourage appear to attack the brother of singer DaniLeigh at a Los Angeles bowling alley in a video circulating on social media.

The video appeared on social media Thursday morning and shows DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, punching a man before the 30-year-old rapper’s entourage gets involved. The altercation carries over into the bowling lanes, the video shows.

After the altercation, the “ROCKSTAR” rapper leaves the scene, and the video shows the man walking in his direction.

Woman in wheelchair run over by bus in Brazil

A bus from the Transcol system ran over a wheelchair user in Bela Aurora, in Cariacica, in Grande Vitória. The accident that took place some weeks ago (January 31) was caught on video.

The images show that the wheelchair user was on the asphalt, near the sidewalk, when the bus approached. She went more to the corner, closer to the sidewalk.

The bus braked and practically stopped behind her, but then the driver pulled out and dragged the wheelchair away, pinning the woman between the wheels of the bus and the curb.

41-year-old man dies after being shot in the head in Ceilândia, Brazil

A 41-year-old man died after being shot in the head at around 4:20 pm on Thursday (10/2) in Ceilândia Region, Brazil.

According to the Military Police of the Federal District (PMDF), the case took place at QNO 18, Setor, in Ceilândia, close to a shoe store and beverage distributor in the region.

The Military Fire Department of the Federal District (CBMDF) announced that the victim was identified as Júlio and died on the spot shortly after the shooting.

Disobedient student accuses ‘Hitler-looking’ cop of excessive force in West Lafayette, Indiana

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WEST LAFAYETTE, INJunior student at College of Health and Human Services Adonis Tuggle accuses a Purdue officer of using ‘excessive force’ during his arrest for disobedience.

The arrest was captured on video by Tuggle’s girlfriend and is now circulating on social media. The video shows Officer Jon Selke pinning Tuggle to the snow-covered ground while pressing on his neck and face with his forearm.

“Stop,” Tuggle’s girlfriend said to the officer. “Get off of him! Get off of him!”